Client’s feedback

Client’s feedback is essential to any business. It is a very effective way to assess business performance and make changes if needed. In this day and age, companies can’t afford being disconnected from clients and their needs. They may spend lots of money on advertising, but if their overall performance is not good and clients are dissatisfied, they won’t get the results they wanted or paid for.


Unlike what some may think, criticism is a very positive thing. We can’t grow if we are not aware of our mistakes or things we can do better. Of course, there is positive and constructive feedback and there’s negative feedback, and that is not good at all. Unfortunately, the internet is full of people slamming others for no good reason and that is no feedback at all. That can be very harmful both for individuals or companies. Constructive feedback helps a business grow. Even if it’s a complaint, that should be done constructively, letting the business know the reason for unhappiness and giving them a chance to reply and correct that error. A complaint is as important as a compliment. A compliment tells us what we are doing right and boosts our confidence, but a complaint or constructive criticism makes us aware of our flows and that we need to change the way we do things, and that is learning and growing.

Satisfaction surveys

In my opinion, client satisfaction surveys are the most effective way of getting our client’s feedback. Some may tell us or even post a comment on our social media pages, but the vast majority won’t and if you don’t ask, we will never know what they think of us. I always ask my clients to fill my client satisfaction survey. This is a great way for them to evaluate my work and evaluate me as a professional, and it is a way for me to assess my performance and if there’s anything I need to change.

Unfortunately, not all clients will answer my survey, but the vast majority will and that will help me improve, provide an even better service and grow, not only as a professional but as a person.