The Covid safety ranking

The covid safety ranking is a new classification mechanism that evaluates airlines in terms of their covid safe practices. The classification was created by the international air transport rating agency, Skytrax. Just like for other ratings, the agency evaluates airlines on their covid safe practices. They assess the effectiveness and consistency of the measures put in place by the airlines to ensure the best possible safety outcomes for passengers and crew. Also, the rating is provided by a star classification, just like it happens for other ratings.

British Airways and Lufthansa are first to receive a 4-star rating

British Airways and Lufthansa were the first airlines to receive a 4-star Covid 19 Airline Safety Rating . The ranking started in November 2020 and more airlines have been added since. Both British Airways and Lufthansa were thoroughly investigated and it was confirmed that both met the highest standards. The assessment covers possible risk factors for passengers and concerning practices both at the airport and onboard. For this assessment, Skytrax used Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport. More Airlines have now been added to the list and the assessments will continue.

More Airlines have been added

Since November 2020, more airlines have been assessed and the list has grown. ANA, Singapore Airlines and Koran Air for example have received a 5-star rating. In the 4-star rating together with British Airways and Lufthansa, we have TAP Portugal, KLM and Iberia.  Air Arabia, Alitalia and Egytair received a 3-star rating.

Prestige for the airlines and safety for passengers

For the airlines, this rating could mean more prestige. But for the passengers means safety. Having such information available gives the passenger the opportunity of knowing which airlines are putting in place the best covid safety measures. They could then choose the one they believe have their safety in mind. But it is also important for airlines, and it isn’t just another prestige points grabbing exercise. This makes them accountable and allows them to know where they need to improve and take the appropriate measures to get a better rating, which means apart from the prestige and recognition, the trust from their passengers.