Brisbane Airport sets its target zero

Brisbane Airport sets its target zero to 2025. This is a massive effort to achieve zero emissions and get aviation a green future. According to an Australian Aviation  article, Brisbane Airport has sped up its zero emissions target by 25 years. The initial plan was to meet that target by 2050. According to the article, Brisbane Airport claims it has been working on this target for 12 years.

A world-leading airport

Brisbane Airport Corporation wants to create a world-leading airport that will make us all proud. It will achieve that goal by transitioning to 100% renewables. This will include electric airport buses and vehicles and the creation of an “onsite carbon removal project”, which is a 285-hectare “Biodervisity Zone” as well as utilising 50% recycled water by 2030.

A joint effort

Brisbane Airport is joining the rest of the industry in an effort to lower carbon emissions. One of those initiatives, the article says, is Clean Skies of Tomorrow. This project includes more than 100 airports, airlines, fuel suppliers and others in a joint effort to reach a green aviation. Part of that effort is supporting the production and use of SAF.

We have seen this happening for quite a while now. The industry is truly committed to this change and this commitment comes from all corners of the sector. Plane manufacturers are investing in better and greener planes, airlines are investing in these planes and pushing this change. On the basis of it all, there are the consumers, us, who have also been pushing them to do that. It has been a great effort, we are still not there yet, but we are certainly on the right path to success.