A new climate coalition

A new climate coalition has emerged between the American Government and the World Economic Forum in an effort to accelerate clean technologies and reduce carbon emissions. American plane manufacturer Boeing will be representing the aviation industry in this new Coalition. The company has been committed to this cause for some time and this is another step in that direction.

The First Movers Coalition (FMC)

The FMC is a joint effort between the American Government and the World Economic Forum created at the end of 2021 and its main purpose is to reinforce the purchasing power of major companies, so they can modernise and accelerate their process of decarbonisation. The aim is to get this process completed faster in industries such as shipping, chemicals and freight.

Boeing’s new role

As a founding member of FMC, it is representing the Aviation industry. Its role is to help and support the commercialisation of SAF and other low-carbon technologies. This will help the sector achieve its target zero by 2050.  Robert Boyd, a leading expert in sustainable fuels technology, will join Boeing to work with the other 50 coalition partners. Mr Boyd has worked with IATA where he had been involved with the effort for decarbonising aviation for quite some time.

Boeing’s effort

This is only a reaffirmation of Boeing’s commitment to fighting climate change and reaching a target zero.  The company has been working continuously to achieve this goal. It has signed a partnership with Alder Fuels for the production of SAF in the US.  In July, the company announced their planes will be used to test this new SAF. Boeing also announced that it will be more transparent in the reporting of its carbon emissions.  Its aim is to deliver aircraft 100% run on SAF by 2030.

This is another step towards that goal. We all know Boeing is not alone, and many other companies, including airlines and others, have also been working hard to achieve this goal. This is proof that if we work together for a common goal, anything is possible.