More SAF for BA

More SAF for BA and Aer Lingus. International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of both British Airways and Aer Lingus have signed a multi-year agreement with American sustainable fuel company Aemetis, for the supply of SAF in flights departing from San Francisco. According to British Airways, AIG will purchase a total of 78,400 tonnes of SAF over a period of seven years.

According to the article, this SAF will be produced at the new Aemetis facility in Riverbank, California. The new plant is called Aemetis Carbon Zero plant and it is currently under development. The plant will be 100% powered by renewables and it is designed to capture CO2 from the production process which will reduce the carbon intensity of the fuel significantly.

IAG’s commitment to decarbonising aviation

IAG says the most important step is to decarbonise aviation and adds that IAG has committed US$865 million for SAF purchases and other green investments.  IAG was the first airline group in the world to commit to a target zero by 2050. It was also the first airline group in Europe to commit to using SAF for 10% of its fuel by 2030.

British Airways

British Airways has been committed to this target zero for some time. The airline says it will achieve this target with a series of short, medium and long-term measures. These are part of its BA Better World sustainability programme. These measures will include an improvement of operational efficiency with more fuel-efficient aircraft, and funding carbon offset and removal projects. Then gradually introducing SAF produced with carbon capture technology and from waste. The ultimate goal is to scale up the usage of SAF and accelerate new technologies such as hydrogen.

Aer Lingus

The Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus is also committed to this target zero. Such as BA, the airline is also committed to the implementation of SAF and more fuel-efficient aircraft, waste reduction and the electrification of its ground operations.