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Bad Weather

Bad weather can be aviation’s worst nightmare. Although planes can fly above storms and avoid them during a flight, when they need to take off or land they can be severely affected if there is a storm. Flight cancellations will cause a flow-on effect that may take days to clear.

Welcome to 2023

Welcome to 2023! After a few weeks of pause, I charged my batteries, and I am ready to bring you more videos and articles about the wonderful world of aviation and tourism. I have a few surprises and a big announcement, so come with me and find out what 2023 will bring at Updated Words. …

One bad experience

One bad experience can change the way you travel. When you travel for the first time and you are not aware of lots of things, you may end up having a bad experience. I know I did on my very first trip. I was young and I had never been on a trip before, I …