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Testing emissions

Testing emissions to evaluate how SAF can be the solution to reduce aviation carbon footprint is a joint mission from Boeing, NASA and United Airlines with the support of FAA, GE Aerospace and the German Aerospace Centre. Understanding how SAF performs in comparison to regular jet fuel is the key to evaluating its benefits and setting strategies for aviation going forward.

Ukraine crisis may help Boeing take lead

The Ukraine crisis may help Boeing take the lead as an aircraft manufacturer worldwide. In the last few years, Boeing has suffered a fair bit of criticism due to several issues, like the grounding of the 737 MAX, after a few crashes that have killed 346 people in total and also due to a few …

Airbus wins deliveries for 2022

Airbus wins deliveries for 2021, that is the report from the World of Aviation. Boeing and Airbus have always been fierce competitors, over the years we have seen them competing for the best aircraft in the market. Their masterpieces must not only convince consumers, who will eventually fly on them but their clients, the powerful …