New year resolutions

New year resolutions are usually those unachievable goals we set to ourselves every end of the year. Usually, people set goals like losing weight or going on a specific holiday. Then they lose focus and by the end of February, these new year resolutions are long forgotten.

This also happens professionally. We may set goals for ourselves that are unrealistic or unachievable, then we get frustrated and it may result in a massive lack of confidence. Our professional new year resolutions must be as realistic and achievable as our personal ones. We should aim to give a few steps at a time not climbing to the top of the mountain in one go.

I had the opportunity to learn about this in a recent course I’ve done with Virginia Katsimpiri. It is certainly a great tool to help you keep focused and be confident in yourself.

One step at the time

When you set your new year resolutions, you should make a list of things you want to do. With your final goals in mind, you should plan your way to achieve them, rather than simply wanting to achieve them in one go. Of course, some goals are fully achievable in one year, and in that case, we can see the final result very quickly, but most times it is not that quick and we should be prepared to give one step at the time.

Plan your strategy

It is very important to have a good strategy and stick to your plan. This will ensure you will not lose focus and you will not deviate from your path. It is not certain it will all go exactly as you planned it, but if you have a good strategy, chances are you will be much better equipped to deal with any issues and stay on track to achieve your final goals.

Achieve your final results

It may take a while for you to achieve your final goals, but if you have a good strategy in place and you are realistic about the steps you should take to get there, it will not only boost your confidence but also help you achieve your goals faster.

Do it in stages, this way it will be easier and more efficient. Thick off the stages already past, so you have a view of your progress and how far you are from your final target. Be very disciplined and focus, so you don’t lose track of your plan.  Ultimately, it all depends on how much effort and focus you put into it.