Press releases

Press releases are the voice of every company. They are a very effective way of advertising and communicating with clients. Translating press releases is a very challenging and pleasant job.

Beyond news

Press releases have a very important role in the way companies work and communicate with the world outside. They are so much more than news, they contain important information about companies, their plans or new projects. It can be the announcement of a new product or plan, or an important acquisition or merger. They can also contain other important information that should be in the public domain, such as product recalls, closures, for airlines, I’m thinking of temporary suspension of services due to a natural disaster or illness, etc.


In the Aviation industry and more specifically airlines, press releases are used to establish communication with the world. I have worked with Air Timor S.A. for 8 years and I used to translate press releases regularly. The company was in expansion and that was the most effective way to show it to the world.

For airlines, it is important to communicate new routes that have opened, an increase in services for a certain destination, a landmark achievement for the company. These not only work as an advertisement for the company, but they also showcase their work and progress. For newly established airlines this is very important.

Translating press releases

I must admit this is something I really enjoy doing. It’s when a translator almost becomes a journalist. Over the years I was that journalist.

These are usually small projects, but some companies may need to publish large size press releases. It needs to be a text that presents all relevant information in a clear and concise way. So, the deadline may also be very short as you would expect. And that is what really makes you feel like a journalist finish an article and that sense that you have helped the world know something important about that company.

Although it may be a short project it does not lack complexity, especially when you’re dealing with airlines. There may be codes to be translated or very specific terms.  These need to be translated accordingly and the result must be exactly the same as in the source text.

After delivering the translated press release, I always felt proud that I helped take Air Timor S.A’s message to more people, not only in their homeland but in all Portuguese speaking countries.