Australia moving forward

Australia moving forward and finding its way out of this pandemic. It may seem like an illusion at the moment, especially when we have a massive outbreak and the Delta variant is spreading fast through the suburbs of Sydney. But vaccination is on the way and more and more people are getting the jab. So, it’s time to plan and make our way out of this crisis. 

Vaccination Certificates

Those who get vaccinated receive a certificate that proves they have got their jabs. These certificates will be used to enter venues and events and travelling. It could help industries open and being profitable again.

The world works together

In July, Prime Minister Scott Morrison attended the G7 Summit and he said world leaders are working on a system that can be recognised worldwide. Currently, there are different systems around the world and the focus is to create something it can be recognised internationally, so it can be used around the world. This may come in the form of a digital passport that can be carried on your phone. According to Australian Aviation, these certificates could be available in Australia around October. Also according to the article, the Prime Minister said it would help open up the country and giving people more freedom.

Aviation leads the way

Once again, aviation leads the way. IATA has been developing an electronic passport system that will be trialling with Qatar Airways. This app allows you to upload your vaccination certificate and your covid tests and then will verify if you are eligible to travel. At your destination, you will be able to safely share that information and proceed through immigration.

The solution

I strongly believe that this is indeed the way out of this pandemic. Once we get vaccinated, we are less likely to transmit the virus to others or getting ill ourselves. So, we can also be freer to travel and live our lives as normally as possible.

But not only aviation can benefit from this technology. Other industries such as entertainment and sports will massively benefit from it, as people would be also free to attend concerts, sports events, festivals and other events. I think in the end, this will be just like what we have for other vaccines, you need to have them and you have some form of documentation to prove it.

Source: Australian Aviation