No jab, no flight!

No jab, no flight! It is a rather controversial statement we see these days. Some take it well, others don’t. But let’s put all the politics and controversies aside and see the reason behind the statement and the importance of action. After all, we all want to go back to our freedom, so maybe we just have to do a little more to get there.

For our safety

We’ve seen what happened with cruises at the beginning of the pandemic. Planes are different, their cabins are equipped with powerful filters that can clean the air every few minutes. This makes them safer but with the delta variant currently spreading everywhere, and given its extremely infectious nature, we can’t really say we’re 100% safe anywhere.

Studies reveal that the vaccines are effective in preventing hospitalisation or death from covid-19. Studies in the UK show that both AstraZeneca and Pfizer are 65% effective from 21 days after the first dose. It is also revealed that those who get covid-19 after being vaccinated are also less likely to pass it on to household contacts. So, this means if we get the jab we are less likely to get seriously ill and pass it on to others.

For aviation’s survival

If you work in aviation or are an aviation lover like myself, you certainly want to see this industry back on track. But for the industry is also a matter of survival. If vaccination helps to prevent serious illness and the spread of infection, then it may just be the tool that helps the industry get back to a profitable life.

If all passengers prove to be fully vaccinated and have a covid negative test, there are fewer chances someone gets infected inside the plane, which could allow airlines to have more capacity, if not full capacity. Capacity is an issue, not only for the airline but for the passenger. Running an aircraft is extremely expensive and if they have to limit the number of passengers they can carry, they either ground their fleet or raise their prices. No airline wants to ground its fleet, but limited capacity may mean the operation is simply not viable, and higher prices may also keep customers away. So, it is understandable that airlines are taking this position about vaccination. It is easy to see it is not a political issue for them, it is a commercial one. It is a business decision that enables them to run a profitable operation.

For the passengers

Ultimately, it is for us, passengers, who can go back to our holiday trips overseas and enjoy a great and safe flight with our favourite airline. But not only that, it is our freedom and safety. So, if we take politics and social media misinformation aside and focus on the facts and the reality of what is happening around the world, it becomes clear that “no jab, no flight”, means no jab, no freedom.