The best holiday

The best holiday, where is it? We all have a place we would love to visit one day, that dream holiday we have never been able to do, but it is on our bucket list. For some, it may be a paradise beach in the Pacific. For others, it may be a trip to the Inca cities, or the Maias, who knows there are so many things to discover on our beautiful planet.

My dream holiday

As a history lover, especially in the Ancient Rome period, a dream holiday for me would be a round trip to the whole of the Roman Empire. Starting in Rome and spreading through all Europe and North Africa. I’d love to visit places like Pompeii and Herculaneum, the Colosseum, Hadrian’s Wall and explore every single corner of the empire. It would be a very expensive holiday and one I could not do in 4 weeks. I haven’t given up though, maybe someday when I retire I can do that.

But what makes a dream holiday?

I think everyone is different, so what is a dream holiday may vary from person to person. In my opinion, and generally speaking, of course, a dream holiday is a trip to a place or places that are different or offer a totally different experience from what we have at home.  Personal taste plays an important part as well. For example, if you love summer, your dream holiday may be sipping a delicious cocktail on a paradisiac island in the Pacific. But if you live in one of those islands that would be your everyday experience, so maybe you would like something different, somewhere distant.

So, I think there’s no definition for a dream holiday. Everyone has their own. But what I do know is, no matter what destination you chose for that dream holiday, for it to actually be a dream holiday it needs to be perfect.

What makes a perfect holiday?

I think the perfect holiday is the one that makes remarkable memories. It may not necessarily be that dream location, it could just be a few kilometres from home. Because sometimes we have perfection a few hours away and we don’t really need to go far to have that perfect holiday. If you feel relaxed, recharged, you visited interesting places and met wonderful people and in the end, you have lots of wonderful stories and memories to share in the future, then I would say, regardless of the place you have been, you had a dream holiday.