British Airways return to Oz

British Airways returns to Oz. This is great news for the fans of the airline, like myself. According to an article from Australian Aviation, British Airways will resume its scheduled flights to Sydney from 29th of March. The airline had suspended its scheduled flights for 2 years due to the pandemic.

How frequent will the flights be?

According to the article, the first flight will depart from London Heathrow at 9.25 pm (local time) on the 27th of March, and arrive in Sydney on the 29th of March at 6.10 am (local time). The return flight will depart Sydney at 3.50 pm (local) on the same day and will arrive back in London Heathrow on the 30th of March at 5.10 am (local time). These flights will have a stopover in Singapore.

The article says that British Airways will start operating 5 weekly scheduled flights between London Heathrow and Sydney, with a stop in Singapore. The airline will return to its normal daily schedule from the 1st of April.

What aircraft will they use?

This is also great news for all British Airways fans out there. In recent years, I’ve heard complaints from passengers, including some of my relatives, about the comfort on board the old 777-300. Unfortunately, the Queen of the Skies was no longer used in these flights and apparently, the passenger comfort suffered from this alteration.

But the change is on the way. According to the Australian Aviation article, British Airways will use the brand new Dreamliner (787-9) in some flights. Others will still be operated by the 777-300. So if you want to make this trip, you can choose the days operated by the Dreamliner and have a totally new experience.

You can start booking your flights on the British Airways website . Australia is waiting for you.

Welcome back to Oz British Airways!