The new generation

The new generation of translators bring new skills and new knowledge to our industry. They may not have experience yet, and, they may be just starting, but we must help them thrive and be successful, so we ensure the future or our industry.

Start a new career

Starting a career isn’t easy in any profession, and it is certainly the case when you start as a translator. I remember when I started my career how insecure I was. I was a bit scared of contacting clients, I was petrified of setting my prices and it was quite daunting.  You learn all the techniques and procedures, you got lots of new ideas but you are scared of doing something wrong or that your lack of experience sets you back.


When we start our career as translators, we may be a bit shy to contact colleagues and talk to them about our insecurities. I know I was. But the truth is, there are lots of other translators who are very happy to talk to you and share ideas. Associations, usually organise networking events, where we can all meet and share ideas. Because that’s what it is. Some have experience to share, some have new techniques and knowledge and, in the end, we all learn from each other. And we can all become friends.

This can also bring you jobs and new clients. Sometimes, other colleagues get huge amounts of work that they can’t do themselves, so they contact other colleagues they know and ask them if they are available. Some may want to find another colleague for a partnership and that can be a great opportunity for a young translator.


Being affiliated with an association is also great. It helps translators get credibility in the market and show clients, they are qualified to do the job. But, Associations also provide a lot of support. For example, AUSIT organises lots of networking and professional development activities that are very important for us.  The CIOL also does it. So being a member is a great help.


There are also some experienced translators, who become mentors and help new colleagues achieve their goals. These are extraordinary colleagues who create programmes to help other colleagues face their fears and insecurities and set proper plans, that will help them thrive in this industry.  I had the great opportunity of meeting one of these extraordinary translators, Virginia Katsimpiri, who became my mentor. She helped me overcome some insecurities and set my plan for success.

Now, I would also like to do the same for my fellow colleagues starting up. I believe experienced translators can make a difference by helping younger colleagues. It is positive for both I guess, not only we create a good professional relationship but we also help keep the standards in our industry.