Hiring a local

Hiring a local translator simplifies the process. If you choose a local translator, you both are under the same jurisdiction, that means that the translator is very familiar with the rules and regulations that apply in that jurisdiction, it also means that if you have any complaints, it would be easier to have them resolved.

How to look for a local translator

I would start in your local Translators Association. For example, in Australia, you can look at NAATI or AUSIT; if you are in the UK you can look in the CIOL. Associations have their directories where they published the names, contact and qualifications of their members.

You must understand the nature of the document to be translated, so you can look for the right translator. That way you ensure the job will be done the way you want.  If the translator has a website, it would good to have a look, as there you may find more information about that particular translator, such as specialisations, price lists and others. If your translation needs to be certified and sent back to you, choosing someone in your suburb or very close to you may give you the option of picking up your document from the translator, instead of paying for it to be posted to you. This option may not be available at the moment, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it is something that may be easily available otherwise.

If you have a complaint

If for any reasons, you are not happy about the translator you have chosen, it would be easier to complain if they are local.  A member of your national translator’s association would be bind by their Code of Conduct, therefore, if you believe they are in breach of this code, you can make a complaint with the association and have it investigated.

The fact that both you and the translator are in the same jurisdiction, may help get the matter resolved faster. But, of course, if you are unhappy with your translator, talk to them first, it might be a very simple issue that you both can resolve easily. Having great communication is crucial for a job well done.

In the end, you have your job done and you have helped a local small business. It is a win, win for everyone.