Helping others

Helping others has always been one of my main goals in life. Since a very young age, I’ve always enjoyed helping people solve their problems. I believe that if I got the solution for their problem, I must offer them my help and knowledge. As a translator, I’ve been helping my clients for more than ten years and I am very proud I can somehow contribute to their achievements.

The problem

In a global world like the one we have today, companies need to be connected, because their country or region if no longer good enough. But it is not that simple. A company must consider a lot of factors to choose the right targets and set a plan that suits them.

The problems start once you’ve done your market research and chosen the target countries. You need to have contacts in those countries, sometimes, you may even need licenses to conduct your business there and that means lots of paperwork and applications. Communication can be difficult and you need someone to help you establish that connection.

The solution

If you are entering the Portuguese market, you will need to establish the connection. You will need to have someone who knows the culture, speaks the language and is be able to put you in the right path. If you need to submit an application, having all paperwork professionally translated and ready to go will accelerate the process. You may bump into lots of bureaucratic steps and it feels like you’re going around in circles and no one has answers for your problems. I can help. I know the country, the culture and the right language, so I can help you make that connection and achieve your goals.

For me, it is important that you get your application approved, or your website published into the Portuguese market with the right language so it is linguistically and culturally acceptable. Ultimately, your success is my success and the reason I come to work every day. The feeling that my expertise can help my clients achieve their goals is the reason I feel so proud of my job.