Pushing boundaries

Pushing boundaries is very hard, humans don’t like to go out of their comfort zone and venture out in the dark. We like to feel safe and protected in our little cocoon, away from risk or danger. It is a survival mechanism we all have. But entrepreneurs can’t be safe and comfortable. If we want to succeed, we definitely need to push boundaries, stretch our limits and venture out of our comfort zone.

Making hard decisions

Making hard decisions and taking risks comes with the entrepreneur job description. So, if one wants to be safe and comfortable, this is not the right job for them. That doesn’t mean that being an entrepreneur means being reckless and constantly taking unnecessary risks. It’s quite the opposite. An entrepreneur needs a very analytic mind. They need to analyse all the cards on the table and find what are their pros and cons, so they can choose the best for their business. Sometimes, it involves taking calculated risks and making very hard and complex decisions, but a real entrepreneur is aware of those risks and most importantly the benefits they could get in the end. One of the examples of this is spending a substantial amount of money in a certification or endorsement. It may look unaffordable and impossible to do, but one needs to analyse what that certification or endorsement brings to the table. It may bring exposure, prestige, recognition and that will be a positive way of getting more clients. So, in the end, that unaffordable risk means a very positive investment in the business. It is the difference between growth and stagnation, and no business person wants their business to stagnate.


Being an entrepreneur also means being a leader and with that comes a lot of difficult decisions as well. Especially for those who work with a team. They need to be able to lead that team and make the right decisions for the team and the business. Sometimes, that means having to tell a member of the team they have done a few mistakes and help them correct those mistakes, or even dismiss a member of the team. It is not easy, and if you are a people person it certainly means pushing boundaries and going way out of your comfort zone.

Being inventive

Going out of your comfort zone is also being inventive and creative. Every entrepreneur needs that, to take their business further and achieve the success they want. That could be an innovative approach to marketing or a new product or service. It could be doing something totally different to stand out in the crowd and be the best. Sometimes, it may also mean to be a little crazy, but if you love what you do and you believe in your brand, nothing can be too crazy.